About the master password

The master password is the primary tool for protecting your data. You can create a master password after you register on the My Kaspersky portal. The master password is linked to a My Kaspersky portal account and provides access to the data vault from any device. The application uses the master password to encrypt your data in the vault. Kaspersky Password Manager prompts you for the master password every time you attempt to access the vault.

The master password can contain numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters in any of the supported alphabets, and special characters.

Kaspersky Lab recommends using a master password that is at least eight characters long and contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

To keep your data safe, Kaspersky Password Manager does not store the master password on your devices and does not transmit it to the online vault. Memorize or write down your master password, because it is impossible to recover a forgotten master password.

Any data stored in a vault that is protected with a forgotten master password cannot be recovered. You can create a new data vault and protect it with a new master password. When a new data vault is created, all data from the existing data vault will be permanently deleted. You will need to re-add data to the new data vault. You can save a copy of the data vault before its deletion and restore data from it if you remember the master password.

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