Creating an Anti-Spam address allowlist

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To add an address to the Anti-Spam address allowlist:

  1. Perform the following steps in the Management Console tree:
    • If you want to create an address allowlist for an unassigned Security Server, expand the node of the relevant Security Server.
    • If you want to create an address allowlist for Security Servers belonging to a profile, expand the Profiles node. Within this node, expand the node of the profile for whose Security Servers you want to create the address allowlist.
  2. Select the Server protection node.
  3. In the workspace, on the Protection for the Transport Hub role tab, expand the White list of Anti-Spam addresses configuration section.
  4. To add a new address to the list:
    1. Click the Add recipient button to add a recipient address to the list, or click the Add sender button to add a sender address to the list.
    2. In the White list record settings window that opens, define the following settings:

      Email address or mask

      Active Directory user account or group

      IP address

      Do not check messages for the following contents


    3. Click the OK button.

    The new record is added to the list.

  5. Click the Save button.

All changes that were made to the Anti-Spam address allowlist will be saved.

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