Kaspersky Sandbox application data

The Kaspersky Sandbox application does not submit data to Kaspersky. Kaspersky Security Network is not designed for use on Kaspersky Sandbox application servers.

Kaspersky Sandbox servers only store trace files and system logs.

Data in trace files and system logs can contain:

If Kaspersky Sandbox uses the system log, Kaspersky Sandbox data can be submitted to Kaspersky using the following scenario:

  1. The administrator of Kaspersky Sandbox downloads the Kaspersky Sandbox system log to the hard drive of the computer that the administrator is using to access the web interface of Kaspersky Sandbox.
  2. The administrator of Kaspersky Sandbox sends the system log file to Kaspersky Technical Support.

The administrator of Kaspersky Sandbox independently makes the decision concerning the security of sending host names of workstations with the Kaspersky Endpoint Agent application to Kaspersky Technical Support.

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