Viewing the server table of the cluster

The server table of the cluster is displayed in the Cluster management section of the application web interface after the cluster is created.

The server table of the cluster contains the following information:

  1. Server address is the IP address of the cluster.
  2. State is the state of connection of the server to the cluster:
    • Connected.
    • Connecting.
    • Pending connection.
    • Cancelling connection.
    • Failed.
    • Offline.
  3. Health is information about the health of the server and problems with the server. The following statuses are possible:
    • OK.
    • License issue.
    • All update attempts have failed for the last 24 hours.
    • Self-diagnostics exited with an error.
    • Self-diagnostics has not started for a long time.
    • Data on server health is outdated.
    • VM image requires reactivation.
    • Database versions do not match.
    • VM configurations do not match.
    • Problems with server system service.
    • No VM images installed.
    • Time is not synchronized between servers.

You can go to the web interface of a server by clicking the link with the IP address of the server.

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