Installing the Kaspersky Sandbox application

This section provides step-by-step instructions for installing Kaspersky Sandbox.

In this Help section

Step 1. Starting installation of the Kaspersky Sandbox application and selecting the language for viewing End User License Agreements

Step 2. Viewing the Kaspersky Sandbox End User License Agreement and the Privacy Policy

Step 3. Viewing the Adobe End User License Agreement

Step 4. Viewing the Microsoft End User License Agreement

Step 5. Confirming the Kaspersky Sandbox configuration

Step 6. Selecting a drive for installing Kaspersky Sandbox

Step 7. Assigning the host name

Step 8. Selecting the controlling network interface in the list

Step 9. Assigning the address, subnet mask, and gateway of the management interface

Step 10. Creating an administrator account for Kaspersky Sandbox

Step 11. Completing the installation of Kaspersky Sandbox.

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