Kaspersky Security Center manages Kaspersky applications installed on devices by creating and running tasks. Tasks are required for installing, launching, and stopping applications, scanning files, updating databases and software modules, and taking other actions on applications.

You can create a task for an application only if a management plug-in is installed for that application.

Tasks can be performed on the Administration Server and on devices.

The following tasks are performed on the Administration Server:

The following types of tasks are performed on devices:

For each application, you can create any number of group tasks, tasks for specific devices, or local tasks.

You can make changes to the settings of tasks, view the tasks' progress, and copy, export, import, and delete them.

Tasks are started on a device only if the application for which the task was created is running.

Results of completed tasks are saved in the event logs of Microsoft Windows and Kaspersky Security Center, both centrally on the Administration Server and locally on each device.

Do not use private data in task settings. For example, avoid specifying the domain administrator password.

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