Network Agent

Interaction between the Administration Server and devices is provided by the Network Agent, which is a component of Kaspersky Security Center. Network Agent must be installed on all devices on which Kaspersky Security Center is used to manage Kaspersky Endpoint Agent.

Network Agent is installed to a device as a service with the following set of attributes:

The device on which the Network Agent is installed is called a managed device.

You can install the Network Agent for managing the Kaspersky Endpoint Agent application on Windows devices.

You do not need to install the Network Agent on devices that have Administration Server installed because the server version of the Network Agent is automatically installed with the Administration Server.

The name of the process that starts the Network Agent is klnagent.exe.

Network Agent synchronizes managed devices with the Administration Server. The recommended value for synchronization period (periodic signal) is 15 minutes per 10,000 managed devices.

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