Getting started with Kaspersky Sandbox

This section contains information about getting started with the Kaspersky Sandbox application in the web interface and the Technical Support Mode.

Kaspersky Sandbox application settings can be managed using the Kaspersky Sandbox web interface and the Kaspersky Security Center.

In case of problems with the application, Technical Support staff can ask you to perform the following actions for debugging purposes in the Kaspersky Sandbox administrator menu or in the Technical Support Mode.

For example, they can ask you to:

All necessary information for performing the actions listed above (procedure, settings to be modified, configuration files, special utilities, etc), as well as the list of data to be collected for debugging purposes, will be disclosed by Technical Support staff. Advanced debugging information is collected and stored on the user computer. Collected data is not automatically submitted to Kaspersky.

The actions listed above must only be performed under guidance of Technical Support staff and following instructions they provide. Unsupervised modification of application settings in ways not described in the documentation or recommendations of Technical Support staff can lead to slow-downs and faults of the operating system, reduction of the security level of computers and integrity of processed data.

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