Getting started with Kaspersky Sandbox Technical Support Mode

Using the Technical Support Mode to manage Kaspersky Sandbox without oversight or instructions of Technical Support staff is not recommended.

The Technical Support Mode gives the administrator of Kaspersky Sandbox unlimited (root) access to the application and all data (including personal data), which is stored within.

Managing Kaspersky Sandbox from the management console in Technical Support Mode with the superuser privileges allows to:

To begin managing the application in Technical Support Mode:

  1. Use SSH or a terminal to log into the management console of the server whose settings you want to modify.
  2. At the system prompt, enter the user name of the administrator account and the password configured during the installation of the application (Installing and performing initial configuration of the solution, Step 10. Creating an administrator account for Kaspersky Sandbox.)

    The application component administrator menu is displayed.

  3. In the application administrator menu, select the Technical Support Mode.
  4. Press ENTER.

    The Technical Support Mode confirmation window opens.

  5. If you really want to manage the application in the Technical Support Mode, select Yes and press the ENTER key.
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