What's New

Kaspersky Sandbox 2.0 introduces the following changes:

  1. The user interface was updated.
  2. The application can now be used on a subscription basis.

    When you subscribe to Kaspersky Sandbox, you place an order for the right to use the application with selected parameters (subscription expiration date, the number of protected devices).

  3. You can also activate the application using an activation code.
  4. You can now receive notification about anti-virus databases becoming out of date.

    The databases are considered out of date after 14 days of no updates. The notifications are displayed in the web interface of Kaspersky Sandbox.

  5. Objects can now be scanned in the Windows 10 operating system (64-bit) in addition to Windows 7.

    If a virtual machine with a Windows 10 image is installed, Kaspersky Sandbox analyzes the properties of the file and selects the optimum operating system image for scanning the file.

  6. The threat detection engine is improved.
  7. You can now manage the Kaspersky Sandbox application using the Kaspersky Security Center Web Console web plug-in.
  8. Kaspersky Sandbox now supports multitenancy.

    Multitenancy lets you use the application to protect the infrastructure of multiple organizations simultaneously. To use Kaspersky Sandbox in multitenancy mode, you will need Kaspersky Security Center.

  9. Kaspersky Sandbox can now integrate with Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows.

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