Converting policies

Kaspersky Security Center can convert policies from earlier versions of managed Kaspersky applications to the up-to-date versions of the same applications. Converted policies keep the current administrator's settings specified before the update, as well as include new settings from the up-to-date versions of the applications. Management plug-ins for Kaspersky applications determine whether conversion is available for the policies of these applications. For information about converting policies for each supported Kaspersky application, refer to the relevant Help from the following list:

To convert policies:

  1. In the console tree, select the Administration Server for which you want to convert policies.
  2. In the Administration Server context menu, select All Tasks → Policies and Tasks Batch Conversion Wizard.

The Policies and tasks batch conversion wizard starts. Follow the instructions of the wizard.

After the wizard completes, new policies are created that use the current administrator's settings of policies and the new settings from the up-to-date versions of Kaspersky applications.

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