Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway

Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway lets you deploy a mail gateway as a cluster system, which can scale with the volume of processed traffic, and integrate it into the existing mail infrastructure of your organization. An operating system, mail server, and Kaspersky anti-virus application are preinstalled on the mail gateway.

Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway protects incoming and outgoing email against malicious objects, spam and phishing content, and performs content filtering of email messages.

Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway functionality includes:

Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway is distributed as an ISO image of a virtual machine for deployment in the VMware ESXi™ or Microsoft Hyper-V® hypervisor.

Deploying of the image creates a virtual machine with a pre-installed CentOS 7.9 operating system, a mail server, and Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway. After deploying the virtual machine, you can configure it using the Initial Configuration Wizard.

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