Adjustment of distribution points and connection gateways

A structure of administration groups in Kaspersky Security Center performs the following functions:

When building the structure of administration groups, you must take into account the topology of the organization's network for the optimum assignment of distribution points. The optimum distribution of distribution points allows you to save traffic on the organization's network.

Depending on the organizational schema and network topology, the following standard configurations can be applied to the structure of administration groups:

Devices functioning as distribution points must be protected, including physical protection, against any unauthorized access.

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Standard configuration of distribution points: Single office

Standard configuration of distribution points: Multiple small remote offices

Assigning a managed device to act as a distribution point

Connecting a Linux device as a gateway in the demilitarized zone

Connecting a Linux device to the Administration Server via a connection gateway

Adding a connection gateway in the DMZ as a distribution point

Assigning distribution points automatically

About local installation of Network Agent on a device selected as distribution point

About using a distribution point as connection gateway

Adding IP ranges to the scanned ranges list of a distribution point

Using a distribution point as a push server

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