Frequently Asked Questions

Get started

How can I connect to My Kaspersky?

How do I turn on the Kaspersky Security extension?

Virus Scan

How do I scan a file or folder for viruses?

What's the difference between Full Scan, Quick Scan, and Custom Scan tasks?

What can I do if file access is blocked?

Real-time protection

How do I manage my Mac's protection?

How do I make files, folders, and websites trusted?

How can I stop a network intrusion?


How can I protect my privacy on the Internet?

How can I prevent intruders from spying on me?

Updates & Reports

How do I update application databases?

How can I view reports about application activities?

Digital environment

What should I do if I get a notification about my HD?

What should I do if I've changed my home Wi-Fi network?

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