About Private Browsing

Some websites use tracking services to collect information about your Internet activities. This information is then analyzed and used for the purpose of showing you ads.

The Private Browsing component is designed to prevent the collection of information about your online activity.

In detection mode, the Private Browsing component detects and counts attempts to collect data and writes this information in a report. Detection mode is enabled by default, and data collection is allowed on all websites.

In blocking mode, the Private Browsing component detects and blocks attempts to collect data, and information about these attempts are written in a report. In this mode, data collection is blocked on all websites except:

The counter of blocked attempts to collect data displays the total number of blockings across the entire site depending on how many site pages are open in the browser. If one page is open in the browser, only blocked attempts to collect data on this page of the site are counted. If several pages of the same site are open in the browser, the blocked attempts to collect data on all pages of the site opened in the browser are counted.

You can manage the Private Browsing component via the Kaspersky Security Cloud interface or with the help of the Kaspersky Protection extension in your browser.

Private Browsing has the following limitations:

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