Protect your data if your secure connection is lost

When you turn on VPN, your data is reliably protected while you surf the internet. However, if the VPN connection drops, your data will be unprotected, and attackers can steal it. To ensure that your data is always protected, you can use Kill Switch. Kill Switch will cut off data transfer over the internet when VPN is reconnecting. Your internet connection will be restored as soon as VPN turns on.

Important: To protect your data, Kill Switch blocks data transfer via the internet entirely, until VPN is restored. This doesn't affect data transfer on your local network. Your Mac can interact with other devices in your local network without any limitations.

By default, Kill Switch is turned off and Kaspersky VPN does not block your internet access if the VPN connection is interrupted.

Note: If Split Tunneling is on and the VPN connection drops, Kill Switch will cut off data transfer over the internet only for applications added to the Split Tunneling list.

Turn on Kill Switch

Note: Kill Switch is available only in the Unlimited version of Kaspersky VPN.

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