Activate VPN connection

Use one of the following methods to activate a secure connection in Kaspersky VPN:

  1. You can turn VPN on/off from the application interface or in the menu bar.

    Note that when you quit Kaspersky VPN, the application stops running and the secure connection turns off.

    Turn VPN on

    Turn VPN off

  2. You can let Kaspersky VPN run in the background.

    If this option is enabled, the application will always monitor your Wi-Fi connections and warn you if you join an unsecured Wi-Fi network. You can set up Kaspersky VPN to automatically turn VPN on when an unsecured network is detected. We recommend using this option.

    If you want to stop the application, you can quit it manually.

    Let Kaspersky VPN run in the background

    Quit Kaspersky VPN from the application icon menu

  3. For maximum protection, you can set Kaspersky VPN to automatically turn VPN on when your Mac starts.

    Let Kaspersky VPN automatically protect your connection

Note: A secure connection can be lost due to an unstable internet connection or when switching between networks. In this case, the transmitted data is not protected. Kaspersky VPN restores the secure connection after reconnecting to the internet. If the secure connection cannot be restored, Kaspersky VPN will notify you. To protect your data if the secure connection is lost, you can use Kill Switch. It completely blocks the transfer of data until the secure connection is restored.

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