Obtaining information for Technical Support

When you inform Kaspersky Technical Support of a problem, they may request debug information including trace files and additional information about the operating system, running processes, and other diagnostic information. The trace file allows you to trace the execution of application commands step by step and determine the stage at which an error occurs. You can select events that will be written to the trace file: errors or information messages. All trace files and additional debug information are added to an archive which you can give to Technical Support.

Trace files may contain information about your organization that you consider to be confidential. Please obtain clearance with regard to the contents of the submitted archive from your organization's Security department before submitting the archive. Before you submit the trace log, please purge all data that you consider to be confidential.

All operations with diagnostic information are made available by the Get diagnostic information permission.

Obtaining information for Technical Support involves the following steps:

  1. Changing the trace level to Debug
  2. Retracing user actions that preceded the fault
  3. Creating a trace file
  4. Downloading a trace file

The Debug trace level is significantly more demanding towards the storage subsystem and reduces application performance. After obtaining a trace file, we recommend changing the trace level to Errors.

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Creating a trace file

Changing trace level

Downloading a trace file

Deleting a trace file

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