Program installation and setup

Servers on which you are installing the program must have static IP addresses. Otherwise, after the cluster is created, managing node settings as well as synchronizing settings with the Control node will be unavailable.

You can install the program on a virtual server without an operating system. The program is deployed using an ISO file that contains an operating system image with pre-installed Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway and a built-in mail server.

Installation to virtual machines on the following hypervisors is supported:

Make sure that the version of the hypervisor and the hardware resources allocated for the virtual machine meet all applicable hardware and software requirements.

Only Generation 1 virtual machines are supported when the program is installed to a Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016 hypervisor. Use of Generation 2 virtual machines may lead to virtual machine malfunctions or cause disrupted operation of the hypervisor

The port setup in the operating system that is required for correct operation of the program is already complete. You can read the list of network accesses used.

After installation, the program begins recording information relevant to the operation of its component in the Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway event log, the Syslog event log, as well as trace files in accordance with the specified trace level. For more details, see the section About data provision.

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Program installation and setup

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