Viewing the list of detected objects

To view the list that is generated based on the results of the analysis of objects:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Click the Details button in the upper part of the window.

    This opens the Notification Center window.

  3. In the Recommendations section, click the Show button in the line containing the message about detected objects.

    This opens a window containing the list of detected applications and browser extensions. The presumed reasons for their possible removal or fix are indicated for each object in the list.

    • If you want to remove an application or browser extension from your computer, click the Remove button in the line containing a description of the application or browser extension. Kaspersky Total Security will start the removal process.
    • If you want the application or browser extension to remain on the computer and to no longer be included in the results of analysis of detected objects, click the Hide button in the line containing a description of the object. The object will be added to the list of exclusions and Kaspersky Total Security will stop showing it in the list of detected objects.
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