Viewing the event log

To view the Kaspersky Web Traffic Security event log:

  1. In the application web interface window, select Events.
  2. Select one of the following tabs depending on the type of events that you want to view:
    • Traffic;
    • System;
    • KATA.
  3. In the drop-down list to the right of the Maximum number of events setting, select the number of records to view.
  4. Click Add condition.
  5. Configure the event filter using the revealed drop-down lists:
    1. In the left drop-down list, select the filtering criterion.
    2. In the central drop-down list, select the comparison operator.

      Each filtering criterion has its own relevant set of comparison operators. For example, if you select the Direction criterion, you can use Is equal to and Is not equal to operators.

    3. Depending on the filtering criterion you selected, do one of the following:
      • In the text box to the right of the comparison operator, type one or more characters that you want to use to search for events.
      • In the right drop-down list, select one of the condition options that you want to use to search for events.

      For example, to search for exact match of user name, enter the user name.

  6. Click Search.

A table of events satisfying the filtering criteria is displayed.

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