Frequently asked questions about purchasing (Allsoft)

Frequently asked questions about purchasing


How to pay for my order?

What to do if the card used for payment has been blocked or reissued?

Do you guarantee security for bank card payments?

I paid for my order by card (or online transaction). Why does the order page indicate that the payment failed?

I paid for my order via the bank transaction, but I received a letter that my order awaits payment.

I experience problems with payment. What should I do?

Placing the order

How to order an electronic license?

Do I have to register on the website?

Can I order without e-mail?

Can I buy a license at your office?

Can I disagree with the sales and personal data processing rules?

I am asked for a license code / serial number, what do I need to specify?

Do I have to use my real name and information?

Order delivery

When will I receive an email with the activation code?

I have entered a wrong email, what should I do?

I haven’t received the code. What should I do?

What is electronic delivery?

Does delivery time vary depending on the selected payment method?


What is auto-renewal of the ordered license?

How to disable auto-renewal?

I do not recognize a charge from you on my card.

Why do I have auto-renewal enabled?

When will I be charged for auto-renewal?

Order refund

How can I get a refund?

How can I obtain accounting documents?

Guarantees and responsibilities of the online store

Will the order be delivered after payment?

Does the store guarantee the quality of the software?

Does the store guarantee the security of my personal data?

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