Liste von Patches und privaten Patches, die in Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 für Windows Service Pack 2 enthalten sind


Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 für Windows (für Arbeitsstationen und Dateiserver)


Liste von Patches und privaten Patches, die in Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 für Windows Service Pack 2 enthalten sind

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Der Artikel bezieht sich auf Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 für Windows Service Pack 2 (Version

kes10mr1_patch_10849841084984Local KES GUI does not show all trust process options if not all components are installed
kes10sp1_patch_klif_8_12_3_5312012343d party applications blocked by self defense
kes10sp1_patch_upgrade_table_fix1167117KES 10 SP1 can't be installed due to KSN agreement
pf3321253047It is possible to change "When scan is complete" settings in local GUI when password protection is enabled in policy
pf437734449WebControl diagnostics alleged failure
pf441, pf1340729819Full scan showing as the next task to run even though local tasks are not being displayed
pf470731552Compatibility issues whith 3d party applications
pf493853835By configuration email notification locally in KES it is imposible to add SMTP server address by IP
pf511793815Software WideOrbit Traffic can't be updated when KES is running
pf520794842Abnormal behavior detected events
pf549957932Virtual PC networking down with KES10MR1
pf564956132Outlook slowdown with KES and Oracle CRM plugin in MS Outlook
pf580969459Modifications of WebControl rule could not be saved
pf6221064341Local KES GUI does not show all trust process options if not all components are installed
pf643, pf12741051701Customers application "TPWorkstation" fails to connect to server
pf6521088000Aruba VIA Client IKE Timing Out with KES 10 SP1 due to kltdi.sys
pf6541088400IPsec KES10SP1 compatibility issue on Windows 8.1
pf6581101256AVS: write not supported
pf667, pf669, pf12881120785Application PowerTrack can't be launched in 2 instances due to kltdi.sys
pf6761106773No reboot prompt after uninstalling KES
pf6921104600No network access within Windows Virtual XPMode
pf12581104169KES10SP1 is unable to delete malicious file from archieve
pf1259, pf17581283300KES prevents KSC on same host from downloading updates
pf12601159019There is no Update task in Reports
pf12621228601KES components show malfunction
pf12661220519Mail Anti-Virus plugin for Outlook stops Digitally Signed mail
pf12861198260PBA accounts are not created for MS accounts
pf12921194459Error messages on top of PBA screen on Dell Latitude 7350 laptops
pf12931230815Slowdowns on windows explorer due to File AV
pf1301, pf14511225476Mail-AV doesn't delete attachment as expected
pf13041237361Exitpolicy command line option required
pf1317, pf1530, pf1796, pf1797, pf1807, pf1810, pf18111245189The status of PC is wrong after PC shutdown
pf13201247524AVPSUS tries to establish network connection even with pf1282 installed
pf13231218036KES10MR1 is unable to delete trojan despite of the policy settings
pf13341243750Doc files detected as Downloader.MSWord.Agent are not deleted by KES with trydeletecontainer set to 1
pf1339, pf1415, pf1526, pf17711217024Service part of program was unloaded from program memory if tablet wakes up from sleep
pf1369, pf15361260328Files encrypted by EFS are corrupted after scanning
pf14061241676Websense problems caused by KES
pf1407, pf17561214187Yellow triangle & exclamation point removal
pf14121276938Settings from CFG file are not passed to the installed product
pf1421, pf1443, pf15041186550Keyboard doesn't work with KES10SP1
pf14221256066KES10SP1 corrputs sender email
pf14441367465KES prevents update of KSC server
pf14521267129ERP system become slower with FW and NAB enabled
pf1505, pf15631305324After add a proxy server customer is unable to access some websites with WebAV enabled
pf15131559341Windows 10 looses network connectivity due to KLWFP
pf15171364669POLYCOM compatibility issues
pf15191546129Components malfunction on Lenovo T440s(SSD) Laptops on boot
pf15271566404Mail send time significantly increased when port 25 monitoring enabled
pf15291563681WebAV: Processing errors
pf1531, pf1696, pf17701546232KES10SP1MR2 slows down Outlook in online mode
pf15341573814Slowdown Lenovo T440s(SSD) Laptops on boot
pf15351547641Unable to update from folder that is specified with the system variable
pf15371562204Openning documents on network share takes long time when SW is active
pf15381330184Slowdown issues
pf15411569570USB storage device blocker as part of the Device Control component doesn't work on a PC with Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Update (TH2)
pf15441337499Service 'klnagent' has been stopped due to an error #1251 Invalid function's parameter
pf15461573508KES10SP1MR2 import settings doubles device control cameras and scaners icon
pf15471603354Error 1920.Error while starting service Kaspersky Seamless Update Service (avpsus)
pf15511591062AVP.COM Import doesn't accept password
pf1573, pf15751341179Error verifying the modules and database of application
pf1574, pf1608, pf1766, pf17681627079Database release timestamp on icon in system tray
pf15761581571With locked session and option scan only when the screensaver is active or computer is locked enabled, the status of Virus Scan task is suspended
pf1609, pf16151659697KES10SP1 Web Control prevents Citrix published applications to start
pf16131562985Full scan task taking too long time
pf1614, pf17601654386If TeamViewer option "Ignore Alpha Blending" is disabled, KES GUI is not visible
pf16161589378Can’t encypt Fujitsu CELSIUS W370
pf1618, pf17891169046NIC Teaming issue when NDIS 6 enabled
pf16241642244KES10SP1MR2 WebAV interferes connection between Sharepoint and Office application (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
pf16331671107Citrix GoToMeeting unable to connect
pf16341671033Can't see complete list of pf in KES UI
pf16361243730Suspend scheduled scanning option works incorrectly
pf16371679901Unable to find trusted device by ID in the corresponding management plug-in window
pf1643, pf16431680339Windows 10 TH2 nslookup failure due to KLWFP
pf16481667894KES changes update task settings
pf1665, pf17781621896Local update task running on the computer with AllowLocalTasksToBeControlledAndDisplayed=0
pf16711588222YouTube included in category, but will not get blocked
pf1684, pf17571716584KES sends unexpected NBNS WPAD queries even though proxy server usage is disabled
pf16861736590Event string localization
pf1692, pf18181568571Windows 7 RDP session is dropping due to KES(RDP v8)
pf1697, pf17911742703TortoiseSVN is being blocked by the Web-AV when is trying to send files to the application Subversion
pf16981768916Console hangs during the attempt to open Device control settings in KES10SP1MR2 policy
pf1722, pf17441786099Problems with ASP.NET-based web service, values in web forms are not displayed
pf17321778464KES 10 SP1 MR2 vs WinCC navigator compatibility issues
pf1741, pf1742, pf18261778519File is detected despite of exclusions set
pf17481757071Can not encrypt HP Prodesk 600 G1 SFF using FDE
pf17521843051Yandex browser does not work with KES installed
pf1754, pf17551761657System Watcher unexpected malfunction
pf17591843635A program is being blocked while it is in the trusted zone
pf17621647492KES can't detect some types of malware in multi-volume & multi-level containers
pf17631694064klwfp.sys driver and Win10 network issues
pf1772, pf17881770727KES GUI process hangs up after service is exited
pf1774Application Privilege Control performance issues
pf17771243750KES detects but does not delete containers
pf17801664668NetApp mapped storage scan issue
pf18041853238Unreadable descriptions of KES events
pf18081867073KES10SP1MR3 blocks Windows 10 Linux subsystem network traffic
pf1812, pf1813, pf1816, pf18171778519File is detected despite of exclusions set
pf18201859862Everything is identified as a removable drive
pf1824, pf17791866246High CPU usage by avp process.
pf18251861714Policy conversion errors
pf18281909996Handles leak due to KES
pf18301920047Outlook slowed down due to mail plugin
pf18351895763HTTPS connections failure

Die vollständige Festplattenverschlüsselung (FDE) unterstützt folgende Geräte:

  • Asus P553UA (UEFI)
  • Asus PU551L (UEFI)
  • Dell Latitude 3460 (UEFI)
  • Dell Latitude E5470 (BIOS)
  • Dell Latitude E5570 (BIOS)
  • Dell Latitude E7270 (BIOS)
  • Dell Latitude E7470 (BIOS)
  • Dell Venue 11 pro 7140 (UEFI)
  • Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130 (UEFI)
  • Dell XPS 13 9360-9999 (UEFI)
  • HP EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF (BIOS)
  • HP ProDesk 400 G2 (BIOS)
  • HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF (BIOS)
  • HP ZBook 15 G2 (BIOS)
  • HP ZBook 14 G2 (BIOS)
  • Lenovo Thinkpad T440P (BIOS)
  • Lenovo Thinkpad T450 (BIOS)
  • Lenovo Thinkpad X250 (BIOS)
  • Lenovo X1 Carbon (UEFI)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (UEFI)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (UEFI)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (UEFI)
  • Microsoft Surface Book (UEFI)
  • Samsung 700T1C (UEFI)
  • Toshiba Potege Z30 (BIOS)
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