About this Help Guide

This Help Guide is intended for technical professionals whose responsibilities include administration of Kaspersky Security, and support for organizations using Kaspersky Security. The Guide is intended for technical professionals who have experience working with virtual infrastructures on the VMware vSphereâ„¢ platform and with Kaspersky Security Center, which is a system designed for remote centralized management of Kaspersky applications.

What’s new

Hardware and software requirements


Installing the application

Initial configuration of the application


Upgrading from a previous version of the application


Application activation

Application database update


Configuring protection settings

File Threat Protection

Scanning virtual machines

Network Threat Protection


Obtaining information about application operation

Contacting Technical Support

Application architecture




Application operation in multitenancy mode

Application usage options


For Anti-Virus protection providers

Configuring protection of tenant organizations


For the administrator of the tenant organization

Deploying protection of an organization

Configuring protection settings

Scanning virtual machines





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