June 26, 2024

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What does the platform teach and how?

What do I do after registering on the platform?


How do I start training on the platform?

What's the difference between training groups?

What's a training program?

What's the difference between the Main and Expresses courses?

Where can I see the training deadline?

Why are there pauses between completing assignments during training?

What's the difference between stopping and pausing training?

Do users get certificates for completing training?

What's the difference between the planned and estimated dates of training completion?

How do I add my own materials to lessons?


How do I import a user database to the platform?

One of our employees is going on an extended business trip. Can I pause their training?

Can I delete the accounts of employees who no longer work at the company?

How can users log in to the training portal?


How can I monitor the training process?

How do I know who is falling behind their training schedule?

How can I tell what problems users had?


Can I add another admin? What rights will they have?

I'm planning on managing training in several companies (branches) and don't want the training result to be available to all admins. Is this possible?

How do I delete the main account?

Can I change the platform settings for each company?


How do I manage training slots for multiple companies (branches)?

Where can I buy a commercial license?

What happens if there are more users than training slots, or a license key has expired?

What should I do if all training is paused on the main account?

Can I activate multiple license keys?


How will employees know they've been assigned training?

Will users get training reminders?

One of my users lost their training invite. Can I resend it?

Why didn't users get any messages after being added to the platform?

Why aren't users getting any platform notifications?

Will platform invites and messages be sent to users who have stopped or paused training?


How do I launch a phishing campaign?

Can I create a phishing campaign using my own email template?

Can I send a user a phishing email before they start training?

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