Important changes in version 11.20.4.х

Latest update: February 24, 2021 ID: 14978

In the new Google Play policy, the rules governing access to SMS messages and the call log for Android devices have been changed. Only apps that are used by default to handle SMS messages, phone calls or Google Assistant actions may gain or request access to them. This change has been made to protect your privacy. Potentially harmful or fraudulent apps will now be unable to use your personal data for purposes you have not consented to. 

Unfortunately, this preventative measure affects not only harmful apps, but also apps that protect your security, such as Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. We support Google’s new policy and thus have had to remove the following features of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android version 11.20.4.х so that the app can remain available in the Google Play store:

  • Text Anti-Phishing (Safe Messaging)
Starting from version 11.41.4.х, the feature has become available again.
  • Several Call Filter features:
    • Blocking text messages.
    • Identification of numbers. The feature allowed viewing the company a number belongs to and it's field of activity (category), if calls from this company have been reported as spam.
    • Filtering modes, e.g. Allow contacts only. Now, only the Block unwanted option is available.
    • Blocking numbers by mask, e.g. +7 123 XXX XX XX.
  • Privacy Protection. If you have previously hidden any contacts using this feature, you can either restore or delete them. See the instructions below.
  • Two Anti-Theft features:
    • The sending via SMS message of the number of the new SIM card in use on a lost device.
    • The wiping of personal data from a lost or stolen device. To protect your personal information should your device be lost or stolen, use the feature that allows your to wipe all the data from your device and restore its factory settings. See Online Help for instructions.
    All other Anti-Theft features are still available and can be used as they were in the previous version.
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