License expiration

May 17, 2024

ID 139299

After the license expires, there are changes in the operation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. The changes in software operation do not depend on the type of license that you used. Below is a list of changes in the operation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud that may occur when the license expires:

  • On Kaspersky Business Hub in the list of workspaces, a message about license expiration appears next to the name of the workspace.
  • You can open Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console but cannot make any changes, such as add user accounts or configure security profiles. However, settings that you defined in the Management Console before the license expiration are not affected.
  • On managed devices running Windows, macOS, and Android, the installed security application switches to license expiration mode according to its own rules. Devices no longer synchronize with the server, get updates of anti-malware databases, and updates for the installed applications.

    For more information about the license expiration mode of a supported security application, refer to the respective Help.

  • On iOS devices that have an MDM profile, the defined profile settings are deleted.
  • If Encryption Management was enabled before the license expiration, managed devices remain encrypted. We recommend that you decrypt and encrypt the devices in the device operating systems. In this way, you can give users methods to gain access to encrypted devices in the event the devices cannot be decrypted normally.

    Before the workspace is deleted, you still have access to the recovery keys in the properties of a Windows device encrypted by BitLocker or a macOS device encrypted by FileVault.

  • The company workspace is deleted automatically, according to the data removal rules.

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