Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

Storage management task settings

July 3, 2024

ID 197987

The table describes all available values and the default values of all the settings that you can specify for the Storage management task.

Storage management task settings





Time period for storing objects in the Storage (in days).

To remove the time limit for storing objects in the Storage, specify 0.

0 – the time period for storing objects in the Storage is not limited.

Default value: 90.


Maximum size of the Storage (MB). When the maximum Storage size is reached, the application deletes the oldest objects.

To remove the Storage size limit, specify 0.

0 – 999999

0 – the Storage size is not limited.

Default value: 0.


Path to the Storage directory. You can specify a custom Storage directory that is different from the default directory. You can use directories on any device as the Storage. It is not recommended to assign directories that are located on remote devices, such as those mounted via the Samba and NFS protocols.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security starts moving the objects to the specified directory after you change the settings and restart the application.

If the specified directory does not exist or is unavailable, the application uses the default directory.

Default value: /var/opt/kaspersky/kesl/common/objects-backup/

Root privileges are required to access the default Storage directory.

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