Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

Setting the application memory usage limit

December 12, 2023

ID 197939

You can specify the memory usage limit for Kaspersky Endpoint Security during scan tasks (ODS and OAS), in megabytes.

This setting limits only the amount of memory used when scanning files. That means that the total amount of memory required by the application can be more than the value of this setting.

The minimum value is 2 MB. Default value is 8192 MB. If the specified value is less than 2 MB, then the application uses the minimum value (2 MB). If the specified value is greater than the amount of RAM, then the application will use only 25% of the RAM. This value cannot be changed.

To specify a limit on memory use when scanning files:

  1. Stop Kaspersky Endpoint Security.
  2. Open the /var/opt/kaspersky/kesl/common/kesl.ini file for editing.
  3. Add the following setting to the [General] section:

    ScanMemoryLimit=<amount of memory in megabytes>

  4. Start Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

The new memory usage limit for scanning files will be in effect after the application starts.

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