Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

About dynamic rules

December 12, 2023

ID 198001

Kaspersky Endpoint Security components allow dynamic rules to be added to or deleted from the firewall to ensure it works properly. For example, Network Agent adds dynamic rules that allow connections to Kaspersky Security Center initiated by the application or by Kaspersky Security Center. The rules of the Anti-Cryptor task are also dynamic.

If Kaspersky Endpoint Security is used in Light Agent mode, dynamic rules are automatically added to the firewall that allow connections to the SVM and Integration Server.

The Firewall Management task does not control dynamic rules and does not block application components' access to network resources. Dynamic rules do not depend on the Firewall Management task state (started/stopped) or changes to its settings. The execution priority of dynamic rules is higher than the priority of network packet rules. The application restores a set of dynamic rules if any of them are deleted, for example, by using the iptables utility.

You can view the set of dynamic rules (using the kesl-control -F --query command); however the dynamic rules settings cannot be modified.

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