Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

About the license

December 12, 2023

ID 69240

License is a time-limited right to use Kaspersky Endpoint Security, granted under the End User License Agreement.

The list of available functions and the validity period of the application depend on the license under which the application is used.

The following license types are provided:

  • Trial – a free license intended for trying out the application.

    Trial licenses have a short validity period. When the trial license expires, all Kaspersky Endpoint Security features become disabled. To continue using the application, you need to purchase a commercial license.

    You can use the application under a trial license for only one trial period.

  • Commercial is a paid license.

    The main functions of the application stop working when a commercial license expires. To continue using Kaspersky Endpoint Security, you need to renew the commercial license. After the license expires, you can no longer use the application and must uninstall it from the device.

    It is recommended to renew the license before its expiration date to ensure continued protection of your device against security threats.

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