Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security 3.x

Default Log Inspection task settings

March 10, 2023

ID 181600

By default, the Log Inspection task has the settings described in the table below. You can change the values of these settings.

Default Log Inspection task settings


Default value


Apply custom rules for log inspection

Not applied.

You can enable, disable, add, or modify the custom rules.

Apply predefined rules for log inspection


You can enable or disable the heuristic analyzer, which detects abnormal activity on the protected device.

Brute-force attack detection

10 logon failures per 300 seconds.

You can set the number of attempts and time frame used, which will be considered as triggers by the heuristic analyzer.

Network logon

12:00:00 AM.

You can indicate the start and end of the time interval during which Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security treats sign-in attempts as abnormal activity.


Not applied.

You can specify users and IP addresses which will not trigger the heuristic analyzer.

Task start schedule

First run is not scheduled.

You can configure settings to start the task on a schedule.

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