Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security 3.x

Configuring security settings manually

October 25, 2023

ID 148376

By default Real-Time Computer Protection tasks use common security settings for the entire protection scope. These settings correspond to the Recommended predefined security level.

The default values of security settings can be modified by configuring them as common settings for the entire protection scope or as different settings for individual items in the device's file resource list or nodes in the tree.

When working with the protected device's file resource tree, security settings that are configured for the selected parent node are automatically applied to all child nodes. The security settings of the parent node are not applied to child nodes that are configured separately.

To configure security settings manually:

  1. Open the Protection scope settings window.
  2. In the left window section select the node to configure security settings.

    A predefined security settings template can be applied for a selected node or item in the protection scope.

    In the left part of the window, you can select the view for network file resources, create a protection scope, or create a virtual protection scope.

  3. In the right part of the window, do one of the following:
  4. In the Protection scope settings window, click the Save button.

The new protection scope settings are saved.

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