Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security 3.x

Running an On-Demand Scan task in the background

October 25, 2023

ID 148438

By default the processes in which Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security for Windows tasks are executed are assigned the Medium (Normal) priority.

A process that will run an On-Demand Scan task can be assigned Low priority. Demoting the process priority increases the time required to execute the task, but may have a beneficial effect on the performance of the processes of other running programs.

Multiple background tasks can be running in a single worker process with low priority. You can specify the maximum number of processes for On-Demand Scan background tasks.

To change the priority of an existing On-Demand Scan task:

  1. Open the Properties: On-Demand Scan window.
  2. Select or clear the Perform task in background mode check box.
  3. Click the OK button.

Configured task settings are saved and applied immediately to a running task. If the task is not running, the modified settings are applied at next start.

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