Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security 3.x

Update task statistics

October 25, 2023

ID 148462

While the update task is running, the real-time information is displayed about the amount of data downloaded since the task started, as well as other task execution statistics.

When the task is complete or stopped, the information is available in the task log.

To view update task statistics:

  1. In the Application Console tree, expand the Update node.
  2. Select the child node that corresponds to the task whose statistics you want to view.

Task statistics are displayed in the Statistics section of the results pane of the selected node.

If you are viewing/ the Database Update task or the Copying Updates task, the Statistics section shows the volume of data downloaded by Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security for Windows as of the present moment (Received data).

The following table contains the details for the Software Modules Update task.

Information about the Software Modules Update task



Received data

Total amount of downloaded data.

Available critical updates

Number of critical updates available for installation.

Available scheduled updates

Number of planned updates available for installation.

Errors applying updates

If the value of this field is non-zero, the update was not applied. The name of the update that resulted in an error can be viewed in the task log.

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