Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security 3.x

Configuring Quarantine settings

October 25, 2023

ID 148474

You can configure Quarantine settings. New Quarantine settings are applied immediately after saving.

To configure Quarantine settings:

  1. In the Application Console tree, expand the Storages node.
  2. Open the context menu of the Quarantine child node.
  3. Select Properties.
  4. In the Quarantine: Properties window, configure the necessary Quarantine settings in accordance with your requirements:
    • In the Quarantine settings section:
      • Quarantine folder
      • Maximum Quarantine size (MB)
      • Threshold value for space available (MB)

      If the size of objects in Quarantine exceeds the maximum quarantine size or exceeds the available space threshold, Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security for Windows will notify you about this while continuing to place objects in Quarantine.

    • In the Restoration settings section:
      • Target folder for restoring objects
  5. Click the OK button.

The newly configured Quarantine settings will be saved.

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