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Where Is My Device

August 24, 2023

ID 71835

Where Is My Device protects your data against unauthorized access and helps locate your device if it is lost or stolen. You can send commands to your device remotely via My Kaspersky.

Where Is My Device is turned off by default. To send commands to your device remotely, turn on the Where Is My Device feature on your device. Try some functions right now so that you can act without hesitation if your device is lost or stolen.

If you don't turn on Where Is My Device before your device goes missing, you can't use it to locate or remotely control your device.

You can send commands from My Kaspersky to do the following:

  • Get the location of the missing device, lock it and show a message on the screen of the locked device.
  • Turn on a loud alarm on the device.
  • Perform a factory reset on the device, including wiping the memory card.
  • Take a mugshot of the person currently using the device.

    This feature is only available on devices that have a front camera.

Additionally you can set Where Is My Device to do the following:

Where Is My Device settings are protected by a screen lock.

In Kaspersky app versions 11.80.X.XXX and earlier, Where Is My Device was called Anti-Theft. It is still called Anti-Theft in some sections of My Kaspersky.

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What to do if your mobile device is ever lost or stolen

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Protecting the app against uninstallation

Unlocking the device

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