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About manageable and unmanageable connectors

July 3, 2024

ID 235649

Manageable and unmanageable connectors can be used in the application.

A connector is manageable if its application modules can access functions for automatic registration and startup after the connector is added, and can access functions for managing these modules when enabling or disabling the connector or when deleting it. Only nodes that have application components installed can serve as deployment nodes for manageable connectors.

An unmanageable connector does not provide the functions of a manageable connector. Registration of this type of connector, and startup, stoppage, and deletion of its application modules must be performed manually on the connector deployment node. When an unmanageable connector is enabled or disabled, interaction with this connector on the Server side is allowed or blocked, respectively.

The connections between connectors and the application Server are secured by using certificates. Certificates are created for connectors when these connectors are added to the application. The application automatically forwards the created certificates for application modules of manageable connectors. When adding an unmanageable connector (or when adding a manageable connector configured to ignore the functions of a manageable connector), the certificate for application modules of this connector must be manually uploaded using a communication data package. If you need to replace (issue a new) certificate for this type connector, you must create a new communication data package and use this file to upload the new certificate. Certificates of manageable connectors can be replaced only by deleting these connectors and then adding them again.

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