Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Nodes

Firewall Management

August 3, 2023

ID 161825

Following is the list of limitations for Firewall Management:

  • You should specify more than one address. Otherwise, working with IPv6 is unavailable.
  • Preset Firewall policy rules support basic scenarios of interaction between protected devices and Administration Server. To make full use of Kaspersky Security Center functions, you need to configure port rules. You can find information about port numbers, protocols and their functions in the Kaspersky Security Center Knowledge Base.
  • After the application is installed and rules for the task are configured, the application monitors changes to Windows Firewall rules and rule groups when the Firewall Management task is started. To update the status and add the required rules, make sure to restart the Firewall management task.
  • When the Firewall Management task is started, denying rules and rules monitoring outgoing traffic are automatically removed from the operating system firewall settings.
  • Characters "*" and "?" can not be used in the application path and in firewall rule name for application.

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