Kaspersky Internet Security 19

How to run a scan task in Kaspersky Internet Security 19

Latest update: December 29, 2022 ID: 14305

Scan tasks in Kaspersky Internet Security are used to search for infected files and threats. You can run different types of scans, which vary depending on their duration and scope.

  • Full Scan. The entire computer is scanned. Requires sufficient time.
  • Quick Scan. Scans startup objects, system memory, and the hard drive boot sectors. Does not require much time.
  • Selective Scan. A scan of a specified file or folder.
  • External Devices Scan. Scans the removable objects connected to your computer.

After you install Kaspersky Internet Security, we recommend that you run a full scan of your computer.

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How to run a full or quick scan


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