Kaspersky Internet Security 20

Secure Keyboard Input limitations in Kaspersky Internet Security 20

Latest update: December 29, 2022 ID: 14979

The Secure Keyboard Input component in Kaspersky Internet Security operates with the following limitations:

  • The feature supports Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firefox ESR and Google Chrome. To use the feature, the Kaspersky Protection extension must be installed in the browser.
  • Protection only works for the pages that meet the following requirements:
    • The page is in the list of URLs or category that require input protection.
    • The page is opened in the Protected Browser.
    • The page is not in the exclusions list.
    • The page contains the password entry field, and the Password entry fields on all websites checkbox is selected in the application settings.
      To check if the checkbox is selected, got to AdvancedSecure Keyboard Input. In the Secure Keyboard Input section, click Edit categories.
  • Protection only works for the fields that meet the following requirements:
    • The field is single-line and corresponds to the <input> HTML tag.
    • The type attribute value is not hidden, the display item does not have the value “none” in CSS styles.
    • The field is not of the submit, radio, checkbox, button, or image type.
    • The field is not read-only.
    • The field can be edited (focused upon).
    • If the field has the maxlength attribute, you must enter at least three characters.
  • Protection does not work under the following conditions: 
    • Input method editor (IME) component is used.
    • The field used is not a password entry field.
  • Autofill does not work in Internet Explorer.
After the installation of Kaspersky Internet Security, until the first computer reboot the application does not intercept the first character entered by the user (in all applications).

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