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December 8, 2023

ID 257348

Your ability to get one-time passwords is not limited to text messages. Kaspersky Password Manager can also generate and save one-time passwords to the vault. You can then use them for services with two-step authentication.

One-time passwords can be added only in the mobile version of Kaspersky Password Manager by scanning a QR code, manually, or by importing entries from Google Authenticator. When using services with two-step authentication, you need to enter the one-time password saved in Kaspersky Password Manager.

After adding a one-time password to the vault, it will be generated on any device where Kaspersky Password Manager is installed and connected to your My Kaspersky account. One-time passwords are generated automatically and never repeated, so you do not need to remember them.

To view the list of one-time passwords, click Authenticator in the main application window.

Before deleting a one-time password, make sure that you have disabled two-factor authentication for the account or set up another way to generate one-time passwords. Otherwise, you may lose access to the account protected by one-time passwords.

For more details, see the Online Help for mobile devices.

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