How to create a full report about a scan performed in the system with Kaspersky Rescue Disk 18

Latest update: September 20, 2019 ID: 15274

The full report is saved in the non-encrypted form. To avoid losing important data, do not keep the report for a long time.

To create a full report about the scan of your computer:

  1. Run Kaspersky Rescue Disk. For instructions, see this article.
  2. At the boot mode selection step, press E on the keyboard.
  3. In the command window, move the cursor to the end of the second line. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor.
  4. After the dostartx parameter, press space and type fullreport.

Entering the parameter in the command line window when booting Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

  1. Press Ctrl + X on the keyboard.
  2. Run a scan of your computer using Kaspersky Rescue Tool. For instructions, see this article.
  3. Wait until the scan has finished.

A full report about the scan will be created. For each scan task a new report is created.

Full report location

Go to the folder  Product Folder/Reports and open the file named details_<date>_<time>.klr.

The location of a full report

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