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The Configuration management configuration section lets you export the application configuration for the server or profile to an XML file to import it from that file to the application installed on another Microsoft Exchange server. You can import the configuration to an unassigned Security Server or to a Security Server in the profile.



The Data storage configuration section lets you configure the Backup settings.

Restrict the Backup storage size

Restrict the duration of object storage in Backup

The Diagnostics section lets you configure the parameters of Kaspersky Security application event logs.

Logs folder


Log storage period

In the Log details section, you can configure the detail level of logs. The following detail levels are available:

The current detail level set for logs is displayed in the Detail level field. The detail level depends on the number of events that have been selected in the Diagnostics settings window.



The Proxy server settings configuration section lets you define the settings for connecting the application to a proxy server if one is used in your network.

Connection through a proxy server can be used when connecting the application to the following resources:

Use a proxy server

Proxy server address


Use authentication

Account and Password

Bypass proxy server for local addresses

The KSN Settings configuration section lets you select one of the following options for using the Kaspersky Security Network and Kaspersky Private Security Network services:


Use these settings for the following tasks

Importing the application configuration from a file

Exporting the application configuration to a file

Configuring application logs

Configuring the detail level of application logs

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