Application logs

Kaspersky Security records its operation details (such as error messages or warnings) to Windows Event Log and Kaspersky Security event logs.

About Windows Event Log

Windows Event Log contains the details of the Kaspersky Security operation that the Kaspersky Security administrator or the security officer can use to monitor the application operation.

Events related to Kaspersky Security operation are recorded to the Windows Event Log on behalf of the KSE source and are displayed in application logs and service logs in the Kaspersky Security for Exchange Servers section. Each basic events related to the application operation has a respective fixed event code. You can use an event code to find and filter events in a log.

About event logs in Kaspersky Security

Kaspersky Security event logs are files in TXT format that are stored locally in the folder <Application setup folder>\logs. You can specify a different folder to store logs.

The detail level of application event logs depends on the current settings of log detail level.

Kaspersky Security maintains event logs according to the following algorithm:

Separate logs are created individually for each Security Server irrespectively of the application deployment variant.

The folder with logs and the folder with the application data (<Application installation folder>\data) may contain confidential data. The application does not ensure protection against unauthorized access to data in those folders. You should take your own steps to protect the data in those folders against unauthorized access.

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