How to prevent detainment when sending messages through the Anti-Virus module

In exceptional cases, when the Anti-Virus module is running, the time spent for scanning messages with the anti-virus kernel may increase significantly. This may happen when a failure occurs in the anti-virus kernel operation. An increased scan duration may result in a queue of messages waiting to be scanned by Anti-Virus. As a result, delivery of a message to a user may be postponed, or the user may encounter an increased waiting time when opening messages that have already been received.

To resolve this issue, the application provides the option of preventing such message lags in the Anti-Virus module. When a failure is detected in the anti-virus kernel, the application performs the following actions:

When the specified time interval elapses, Anti-Virus resumes message scanning in standard mode. If the failure in the anti-virus kernel operation has not yet been eliminated, the process described above will be repeated.

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