General policy settings

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In the General section, you can modify the policy status and specify the inheritance of policy settings:

Event configuration

The Event configuration section allows you to configure event logging and event notification. Events are distributed by importance level on the following tabs:

On each tab, the list shows the types of events and the default event storage term on the Administration Server (in days). Clicking the Properties button lets you specify the settings of event logging and notifications about events selected in the list. By default, common notification settings specified for the entire Administration Server are used for all event types. However, you can change specific settings for the required event types.

For example, on the Warning tab, you can configure the Incident has occurred event type. Such events may happen, for instance, when the free disk space of a distribution point is less than 2 GB (at least 4 GB are required to install applications and download updates remotely). To configure the Incident has occurred event, select it and click the Properties button. After that, you can specify where to store the occurred events and how to notify about them.

If Network Agent detected an incident, you can manage this incident by using the settings of a managed device.

To select multiple event types, use the Shift or Ctrl key; to select all types, use the Select all button.

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