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klactgui tool for remote troubleshooting of managed computers in Kaspersky Security Center

Latest update: March 26, 2024 ID: 15489
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  • Kaspersky Security Center 14 (version
  • Kaspersky Security Center 13.2 (version
  • Kaspersky Security Center 13.1 (version
  • Kaspersky Security Center 13 (version

The klactgui diagnostics tool allows performing the following actions on the remote computer:

  • Enable and disable traces
  • Change the trace level
  • Download the trace files
  • Download applications settings
  • Download the GetSystemInfo report
  • Download event logs
  • Start and stop applications
  • Run Network Agent diagnostics
  • Generate and download application dumps
  • Load and run tools and download their results

The klactgui.exe tool is located in the Kaspersky Security Center installation folder on a computer with the Administration Server installed. The default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Security Center.

klactgui.exe default location


Klactgui tool description


How to run the tool and connect to the managed computer


How to enable and disable tracing and download trace files


How to download application settings, create and download dumps, download and run tools


How to download a GetSystemInfo report


How to download Event Log


How to run diagnostics and download the report


How to run, stop or restart an application

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