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About the activation code

July 22, 2024

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Activation code is a unique sequence of 20 alphanumeric characters. You enter an activation code to add a license key that activates Kaspersky Security Center. You receive the activation code through the email address that you specified after purchasing Kaspersky Security Center or after ordering the trial version of Kaspersky Security Center.

To activate the application by using the activation code, you need internet access to establish connection with Kaspersky activation servers. If access to the servers using system DNS is not possible, the application uses public DNS servers.

If the application was activated with an activation code, the application in some cases sends regular requests to Kaspersky activation servers in order to check the current status of the license key. You must provide the application internet access to make it possible to send requests.

If you have lost your activation code after installing the application, contact the Kaspersky partner from whom you purchased the license.

You cannot use key files for activating managed applications; only activation codes are accepted.

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