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Accounts to start tasks

July 8, 2024

ID 11352

You can specify an account under which the task should be run.

For example, to perform an on-demand scan task, you must have access rights to the object being scanned, and to perform an update task, you need authorized proxy server user rights. The capability to specify an account for the task run allows you to avoid problems with on-demand scan tasks and update tasks in case the user running a task does not have the required access rights.

During the execution of remote installation/uninstallation tasks, the specified account is used to download to client devices the files required to install/uninstall an application in case Network Agent is not installed or unavailable. If Network Agent is installed and available, the account is used if in accordance with task settings, file delivery is performed only by using Microsoft Windows utilities from the shared folder. In this case, the account must have the following rights on the device:

  • Right to start applications remotely.
  • Rights to use the Admin$ resource.
  • Right to Log On As Service.

If the files are delivered to devices through Network Agent, the account will not be used. All file copying and installation operations are then performed by the Network Agent (LocalSystem account).

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